Nucleation Growth of CuAu NPs

Structural stability of the nanoparticles at intermediate electron dose rate studied by in situ environmental TEM experiment in liquid. (A)–(H) Cycle of deposition and dissolution of Cu nanoshell on gold nanoparticles in methanol. The magnification and the observed phenomena are indicated above each image. The irradiation time at a given magnification is indicated in the bottom right corner of each image. At 500 and 600k, Cu shells are either absent (image A) or stable (images E and F).

Driving Reversible Redox Reactions at Solid / Liquid Interfaces with the Electron Beam of a Transmission Electron Microscope
N. Ahmad, G. Wang, J. Nelayah, C. Ricolleau, D. Alloyeau
Journal of Microscopy DOI : 10.1111/jmi.12568 (2017)

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