The 2023 International Meeting on Nanoalloys (IMN 2023) is the fourth general meeting organized by the International Research Network « Nanoalloys« , after Orléans 2018, Genova 2019 and Leuven 2021. It will be held at Orléans, May 09-11, 2023, in the Loire Valley, France.

As many fundamental scientific questions and challenges remain open in the field of nanoalloys, this meeting is an opportunity to do the state of art in the development of theoretical models and of experimental methods to investigate the structure and properties of nanoalloys. Especially, new developments to control and tailor nanoalloy formation processes in gas and liquid phases; determining transformation and ageing processes of nanoalloys in realistic environments; the structure and properties of tri- and multi-metallic nanoalloys, as the high entropy nanosystems, from studying model catalysts to real catalysts under realistic operating conditions or developing nanomagnets and nano-optic devices.

IMN-2023 brings together experimentalists and theoreticians from international research groups to reinforce exchanges in the field of alloy nanoparticles and to promote new collaborations at the international level on the topics which are now at the forefront of research in nanoalloys. Especially, this meeting is a nice opportunity to the topic evolution in the nanoalloys community.

The web site of the International Meeting on Nanoalloys, will be open in some weeks for online abstract submission and registration in .

Each session will included talks as well as a common posters session to stimulate international research actions both between IRN and external researchers interested by the thematic. If you are interested in submitting a contribution (oral or poster), the call for abstracts submission is  extended to April 2, 2023 (orals and posters).

Abstracts (word template) must be sent to specifying whether an oral or poster presentation is preferred. The selection of the contributions will be communicated within the end of March.

Registration is open up to april 15, 2023 at the website

In two steps: Firstly a preregistration and secondly the registration and fees payment.

Registration fees (110€ with taxes) include the abstract booklet, lunches and coffee breaks during the conference, and the conference dinner.
(payment by corporate CNRS credit card is not possible).


  • Deadline for abstract submission: March 24, 2023
  • Deadline for registration: April 21, 2023
  • Meeting: May 09-11  2023 (start of the meeting on Tuesday 09 at 08:30; end of the meeting on Thursday 11 at 14:0)

Associated Social event: The meeting will be held just after theOrléans festival : Historical fest of “Jeanne d’Arc” (in all the town)
We advise you to arrive in Orléans few days before the meeting to enjoy the festival (May 07 and 08).

Warning: Participants are asked to look for their accommodation themselves, quickly due the high attendance during festival time

Meeting Place:

Centre International Universitaire pour la Recherche -Hotel Dupanloup, Rue Dupanloup 45000 Orléans, in the center of the city, close to the cathedral, 10mn walk from the train station.


Riccardo Ferrando
Pascal Andreazza
Chairs of IMN2023

Associated Social event: The meeting will be held just after the Orléans festival : Historical fest of “Jeanne d’Arc”

We advise you to arrive in Orléans a few days before the meeting to enjoy the festival (May 07 and 08).