Scientific program

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1. Introduction to nanoalloys : history, synthesis, structure and properties (Riccardo Ferrando, Genova)

2. Synthesis, characterization techniques and numerical methods: structure and environment

Physical synthesis (Ewald Janssens, Leuven)

Chemical synthesis (Catherine Amiens, Toulouse)

Environnemental TEM for nanoparticles (Damien Alloyeau, Paris)

X-ray scattering (Pascal Andreazza, Orléans)

Near field techniques (Christophe Petit, Paris)

Energetic models (DFT, empirical potentials, machine learning) (Magali Benoît, Toulouse)

Phase transition, Statistical models (Florent Calvo, Grenoble)

Practical works: Analysis of images and spectroscopies for HRTEM (Jaysen Nelayah and Christian Ricolleau, Paris)

X-ray total scattering analysis (Antonella Guagliardi and Federica Bertolotti, Como)

Numerical simulations (Hakim Amara, Châtillon, Fabienne Berthier, Orsay, Christine Mottet, Marseille)

STM/AFM (Christophe Petit, Paris)

hot topics :

Environmental TEM for bimetallic nanoparticles (Suzanne Giorgio, Marseille)

Growth, kinetic and ageing by simulation (Francesca Baletto, Milano)

Cluster sputtering and TEM (Richard Palmer, Swansea)

3. Properties of the nanoalloy and their relation to the structure and the environment Catalytic properties (Laurent Piccolo, Lyon)

Magnetic properties (Florent Tournus, Lyon)

Optical properties (Emmanuel Cottancin, Lyon)

hot topics:

Surrounding matrix or ligands effects on plasmonics (Hans-Christian Weissker, Marseille)

Industrial applications in particular in catalysis (Elizabeth Rowsell, Johnson Matthey)


Large Audience Conference: Christophe Petit, MONARIS Paris

followed by a debate on « Nano and Society » ___________________________________________________________________________________