GDR 3182 “Nanoalliages” then “Nanoalliages et Nanohybrydes”, chaired by C. Ricolleau and C. Mottet (2008-2015)

COST Action MP0903 “Nanoalloys”, chaired by R. Ferrando (2010-2014)

CriCat EU Project : Rational design of future catalyst materials :
The CritCat project aims to provide solutions for the substitution of critical metals, especially rare platinum groupmetals (PGMs), used in heterogeneous and electrochemical catalysis. CritCat will explore the properties of ultra-small transition metal (TM) nanoparticles in order achieve optimal catalytic performance with earth-abundant materials,
Project duration: 1.6.2016 – 31.5.2019
Call: H2020-NMP-2015-two-stage