Based on the previous analysis and considering the existing collaborations as well as the complementarities between French labs and foreign ones the following French and European partners have been contacted to show interest in joining the network. (Institute and correspondent names)

  1. Founder institutes

Christian Ricolleau, E-mail :

      1. Associated Institutes
    • Istituto di Chimica dei Composti Organometallici (CNR, Pisa, Italy); King’s College (London, UK); University of Birmingham (UK); Universität Kassel (Germany); Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) …
    • LEM/ONERA (Chatillon); LIPhy, Néel/SIN, LEPMI, CEA (Grenoble); ENS, INSA (Lyon); ICG (Montpellier); GREMI (Orléans); LPC (Orsay); INSP, LRS (Paris); Institut Pprime, IC2MP (Poitiers); IPCMS (Strasbourg); LCC, LPCNO (Toulouse);  …