Welcome to the IRN NANOALLOYS website

The International Research Network Nanoalloys has the objective of promoting exchanges and bringing better legibility to collaborative research in Europe, linking chemists, physicists and materials scientists on hot topics focused on nanoalloys. 

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Nanoalloys IRN Meetings

International Nanoalloys Meeting, June 4-7, 2019, Genova, Italy

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New Event : GDR or-nano

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Gordon Research Conference

   Clusters and Nanostructures

June 16-21, 2019 at Les Diablerets Conference Center (Switzerland)

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Summer School ALSACE 2019

Nanocrystals in interaction with their Environment

24 to 28 June 2019 in Mittelwihr

Only 50 places are available. Registration closes on April 01st.

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The network is officially launched and validated on January 1, 2019 after signature of all partners.
Main topics of research

Equilibrium properties in their environnement

Size- and composition-dependent phase diagrams

Kinetics effects in environnements

Growth, Ageing and Collective effects

Structure-property relationships

Catalytic, Magnetic and Optical properties


Pascal Andreazza


Associate Professor of condensed matter physics at the University of Orléans (France)
His main topic is the study of the structural transition induced by the size and kinetic effects during the formation, the ageing and the annealing of nanoalloys. He is expert in X-ray scattering (wide-angle/diffraction and small-angle in multi-wavelengh detection/anomalous) for nanomaterials especially, the in situ measurements during UHV growth, annealing or gaz exposure.

Riccardo Ferrando

Vice coordinator

Professor of theoretical condensed matter physics at the University of Genoa (Italy). His research interests lie in computational, in statistical physics and in computational nanoscience. He is author of more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals and of the book « Structure and Properties of Nanoalloys ».